Neuster Eintrag: California ... vom: 12.11.2017

T - Wurf vom 12.09.2000 - Welpen 4/4

pablo queeny


V: "Forester`s Painted-Black of Darkmoor"

JUS,ES,Wasserpr. HD: A

M: "Forester`s Omgea-Queen of Darkmoor"


Name HD
Tango A
Timothy A
Titus B
Tom-Dooley A
Tamira A
Tara-Sophie A
Tina-Turner A

V: Forester's Painted Black
of Darkmoor
V: Ch. Zwinny Bandyta
Dutch Jagger
V: Easy Listening from King`s Castle
M: Sugarbrook Cheer
M: Ch. Timberley van
Monte di Angeli
V: Nimrod Ok van Monte di Angeli
M: Timadon Blue Bell
M: Forester's Omega-Queen
of Darkmoor
V: Xanthos v`t Blockhuijs V: Ch Mooncalf
M: Ch. Ezra v`t Blockhuijs
M: Ch. Forester`s India
of Darkmoor
V: Ch. Divine Eye from Fire´sons Garden
M: Ch. Lessly vom Frohnhof